Pomegranates are a great addition to fruit salads, savoury salads and omelettes


Our pomegranates are locally grown and are a great source of daily nutrition


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Pomegranate Aril Punnets

product information

  • 100% South Australian
  • Locally grown
  • Freshness guaranteed
  • Independent farmer
Our freshly picked Pomegranates are processed into Arils in our factory in South Australia. The fruits are hand-cut and then processed through a de-seeding machine and packaged with a MAP (Modified Atmosphere) packing machine that gives a shelf life of 14 days.

health benefits

  • Boosts your immunity
  • Full of anti-oxidants
  • Good for joint health
  • High in vitamin C

nutritional info

  • Sugar: 10%
  • Sodium: 3%
  • Daily energy: 15%
  • Vitamin C:
  • Protein: 1.67g
  • Iron: 0.3mg